GDG Tijuana in 2014

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Events of the year

  • Jan 13th - Año nuevo, retos nuevos. (New year New Challenges, objectives and collaboration meeting)
  • Feb 9th - GDG Tijuana - HANGOUT - Let's start DART (I don’t know anything about Dart, How do I start?)
  • Feb 22th - GDG Tijuana - DART Flight School Event

Coming Soon

  • Mar 29th - Intercomunidades - (A DART app in real life)
  • Abr 28th - Pending
  • May 26th - Pending
  • Jun 28th - Intercomunidades - 3rd GDG Tijuana Anniversary - Hackathon
  • Jul 28th - Pending
  • Aug 25th - Pending
  • Sep 29th - Intercomunidades - Pending
  • Oct 27th - Pending
  • Nov 24th - Pending
  • Dec - Intercomunidades - Christmas Meeting - Pending Planning

Goals to reach

  • As a bigger staff group we had an organization meeting and had some fresh good new ideas for this year like barcamps, meetings, barbecue meetings, contests
  • As a template we plan to make monthly events.
  • More frequent Google Hangout Lessons no audience but content.
  • Start GDGw “Girls for Rocking!”
  • Startup Weekend Bootcamp.
  • We are making more Google Hangouts with people in the country and LATAM.
  • Were linking G+ Page as principal resource of content and as secondary (heaviest) content place our website.
  • We’re collaborating with other GDG’s to have better and different content of Google Technologies.
  • We’re collaborating as GDG in Local Startup Weekend because we’re committed to have better events, better quality content and create more software developers networks.
Keep on Rolling Baby!

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